A Portable, Wireless, Full-featured EEG/ERP and EMG System

Research can take you many places. Ripple Neuromed’s Quest HD ensures you are always prepared with a full featured multi-modal EEG, ERP, and EMG solution.

Stream data wirelessly or save it to the Quest HD’s internal storage for an untethered system that is just as capable inside the lab as it is on the road. With true high-density capabilities, the Quest HD can record up to 256 EEG channels with an additional 64 EMG channels. Optimized for the highest quality data acquisition, the Quest HD features and a sampling rate of 7.5 ksps. Achieve maximum flexibility in your recordings with the full line of Explorer products, including dedicated EEG and Physio Front Ends as well as fully featured Analog and Digital I/O modules, which interface with stimulus presentation and external devices.


  • Portable and wearable – Leave the lab behind by utilizing the Quest HD’s wireless data transmission, internal data storage, and integrated battery. At merely 700 grams, the Quest HD offers a truly mobile experience.
  • Agnostic Cap Support – Ripple Neuromed provides our users with adapters to connect to any EEG electrode technology, allowing them to continue using caps or nets they have in house or that are specific to their research.
  • Real-time, closed-loop control – Utilize well-documented MATLAB and Python APIs for real-time feedback and programmatic control.
  • Safety – The Quest HD is designed to meet ISO 60601 safety standards for laboratory and clinical research.


Quest HD Processor

Number of Channels 64 or 256, plus an additional 32 or 64 EMG channels
Analog I/O up to 28 inputs and 28 outputs
Digital I/O up to 20 input and 20 outputs, plus 2 strobes
Battery Life Internal, up to 2 hours; External, 4 – 6 hours
Data Communication with PC Gigabit Ethernet or Wi-Fi
Dimensions 183 mm x 95 mm x 36 mm
Weight 700 g


Resolution 24-bit
Inferred Noise <1 μVrms
Common Mode Rejection Ratio -110dB
Input Range Min ± 0.1875 V at a gain of 24
Input Range Max ± 2 V at a gain of 1
Input Impedance 1 GΩ, 20 pF

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