Ripple Neuromed’s mission is to create cutting-edge neurotechnology to understand and restore human nervous system function. Ultimately, we seek the ability to extend the range of human experience.

Flexibility and advanced technical features are built into every system we design. Using custom chipsets and leveraging decades of engineering refinement, Ripple Neuromed has developed the Explorer family of Quest and Nomad systems to optimize data acquisition, electrical stimulation, real time processing and on-line data transmission.

Quest and Nomad Processors are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, enabling a variety of mobile, wearable HD applications for the neuroscience and the neurology research communities. These processors coupled with a range of front ends specialized for EEG, EMG, ECoG, sEEG with integrated stimulation offers researchers up to 512 channels of high resolution electrophysiology data.

Quest HD

HD Capable.

A high-end EEG and ERP research lab in a compact package for all your needs.

Quest HD + Stim


Use novel stimulation waveforms for simultaneous stimulation and recording with optimized hardware for EEG, ERP and transcranial stimulation.

Nomad + Stim

Most powerful.
Most capable.
Most flexible.
Supports all Front Ends and recording options.

Provides remarkable recording and stimulation capabilities in both non-invasive and invasive recordings environments. The best hardware for research with no limitations.

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