Invasive Recording and Stimulation

Macro and Macro+Stim

Easily interface with standard clinical electrodes with the Macro Front End. The Macro’s wide dynamic range makes it ideal for applications such as high-resolution ECoG or sEEG. With a maximum stimulation current of 15mA, the Macro+Stim matches common clinical neurostimulators while implementing novel safety features to prevent excessive current discharge.


  • Integrated filtering, amplification, and 24-bit digitization for high-fidelity signal acquisition
  • Select any two channels at a time for stimulation with channel switching time < 1ms
  • Programmatic control of waveforms and train parameters
  • Exhausting for fast recovery following stimulation

Primary Use Cases

Epilepsy | Parkison’s & Movement Disorders | Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) | ECoG | sEEG | LFPs | DBS | Closed-Loop Neurodmodulation


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