microelectrode recording

Micro2 and Micro2+Stim – Microelectrode Recording

Made for high impedance microelectrodes, the Micro2 Front End is capable of recording single-units at a sampling rate of 30kHz. Stimulate and record on all 32 channels simultaneously with the Micro2+Stim for unparalleled flexibility and control in applications such as closed-loop stimulation and DBS.


  • Designed for high-impedance microelectrodes
  • Integrated filtering, amplification, and 16-bit digitization for high-fidelity signal acquisition
  • Simultaneous recording and stimulation on all channels
  • Programmatic control of waveforms and train parameters
  • Fast-settle circuitry for artifact rejection and rapid recording recovery following stimulation

Primary Use Cases

Single-Unit/Multi-Unit Activity | ECoG | LFPs | Closed-Loop Stimulation

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