Explorer Analog and Digital I/O Modules

Where Electrophysiology Meets Behavior

Connect to third party research devices with the Explorer I/O modules.

Use any of our three available configurations: the Explorer Analog I/O, the Explorer Digital I/O, and the combined Explorer Analog + Digital I/O, to seamlessly integrate stimulus presentation systems, eye tracking systems, devices for user feedback, force transducers, external stimulators, and more with your Explorer processor. Combine the Analog I/O and the Digital I/O modules for 28 analog inputs and output and 20 digital inputs and outputs. If that’s more than you need, the combined Analog + Digital I/O module provides a condensed version in a single package.

The Analog I/O and Digital I/O modules can be used independently or together. The Analog + Digital I/O module cannot be used with another I/O module.

I/O Modules

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