Trellis Software

Trellis is a full-featured software suite for data collection and experiment control. As part of its intuitive interface, Trellis automatically detects your hardware configuration and system capabilities. Taking only minutes to set up, researchers can run experiments the day a system is received. Trellis is included free with the purchase of any Grapevine system.

Trellis includes MATLAB, Python, and C++ libraries for complete, real-time control of the hardware, as well as online and offline analysis of recorded data. A Grapevine processor’s real-time capabilities paired with Ripple's unparalleled technical support provides researchers with the necessary tools and resources to pursue truly novel applications.

For mobile experimental paradigms, Ripple offers Code-on-the-Box — a fully independent software development kit for writing programs that run directly on a Ripple processor. Code-on-the-Box allows users to perform complex experiments without the use of an external computer.

Note: If your Grapevine processor is used with human subjects, please contact Ripple Support for an update.

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