Untether your Neuroscience

EEG in the lab or on the go

Event Related Potentials (ERPs) are used experimentally to investigate the neural correlates of a wide range of cognitive processes, such as those involved in attention, memory, language, or behavior.

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, our Quest HD processors enable a variety of mobile, wearable, HD EEG/ERP and cognitive neuroscience applications. With solutions available for up to 256 channels of EEG and up to 64 additional peripheral channels, the Quest HD processors are ideal for your multi-modal, psychophysiology experiments.

Co-register stimulus markers in your EEG data with millisecond precision to ensure consistent and accurate time-locking of your ERPs while streamlining EEG/ERP analysis workflow.

cognitive neuroscience
child with eeg cap


  • Turn-Key usability – Ripple Neuromed provides all the necessary components for recording EEG data, either in lab or on the go. Explorer EEG caps mate directly with our active front ends.
  • Broad electrode and cap support – Ripple Neuromed provides our users with adapters to connect to most EEG electrode technologies, allowing them to continue using caps or nets they have in house or that are specific to their research.
  • Unmatched experimental flexibility – With the Quest HD system, you can use the stimulus presentation system of your choice and reliably record stimulus markers synced to neural data.
  • Standardized Data Format – With data saved both as proprietary NEV files and standard EDF+, port your data into the analysis software of your choice or develop custom analysis code in MATLAB or Python.

Work with our expert sales team to configure these systems to provide the exact tool you need for your research.

Towards Personalized Neuromodulation

Simultaneous HD tES & HD EEG

As one of the most exciting advances in the field of brain research, there is a surge of interest in combining HD EEG with multi-channel transcranial electrical stimulation for non-invasive neuromodulation. Experimentally, this technique is used to modulate the plasticity of the brain to understand the brain connectivity, network dynamics, and the effects on cognitive performance.

Powerful yet easy to use, the Quest HD+Stim provides an elegant solution for your neuromodulation research. Extensive software APIs and robust on-board processing give you the freedom to experiment with novel waveforms and modulate experimental stimuli based on your subject’s behavioral and/or electrophysiological responses.

The Quest HD+Stim neurostimulation system can target specific cortical regions for stimulation and simultaneously record up to 256 channels of EEG while utilizing the same hardware, electrode caps, and software platform.

neuromodulator eeg cap
neurostimulation system


  • Flexible stimulation – Unlike many commercially available products, the Quest HD+Stim is not limited to simple waveforms. Stimulation parameters can be updated every 33us, making truly arbitrary waveforms possible.
  • Real-time, closed-loop control – Low latency, custom stimulation paradigms can be programmed with unique triggers and controlled in real-time with comprehensive MATLAB and Python APIs.
  • Multi-modal – Record HD EEG & stimulate with HD tES in a single hardware and software platform. Easily synchronize analog and digital inputs and outputs from external devices with neural data.
  • Programmable montage – Enables advanced investigations with the flexibility to select multiple anodal/cathodal pairs simultaneously and change locations over time.

Closing the Loop

Neural feedback for real-time control

Reach new heights in your Brain Computer Interface (BCI) and real-time feedback applications with the Quest HD and Quest HD+Stim.

Take full control over recordings, data processing, trigger output, and stimulation in real-time with the extensive MATLAB and Python APIs that are included in every Explorer system.

Modulate experimental paradigms and control external devices using your subject’s neural activity. Adding an entirely new dimension to real-time feedback, the Quest HD+Stim enables closed-loop feedback control of transcranial electrical stimulation on a wireless platform.

brain computer interface

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