Explorer Electrode Caps

The Explorer electrode caps are specifically designed to provide the highest quality solution for scalp recordings. They are built to support both gel and liquid electrolyte applications methods, providing ultimate flexibility for your research applications.

To ensure your data is the highest quality, the Explorer caps have the shortest signal path to a full-scale active front end for amplification and digitization. This limits artifacts caused by movement and EMI that might effect a standard passive cap, while not introducing the quality and durability issues associated with low quality “op” amps mounted at the electrode for “active” systems.

The cap itself can be customized to your needs, with configurations from 32 to 256 channels and flexible placement of ground and reference. The electrodes are made out of a permanently chloride sintered Ag/AgCl material, so they never wear or lose conductivity like plated electrodes.


  • Short signal path to Front End for noise immunity
  • Gel based or Liquid based application
  • Sintered Ag/AgCl
  • Configurable layout

Available Explorer Cap Sizes

Size Description
Adult L 58-62cm
Adult M 54-58cm
Adult S 50-54cm
Adult XS 46-50cm
Child M 42-46cm
Child S 38-42cm
Infant M 34-38cm
Infant S 30-34cm
Infant XS 26-30cm

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