Modular Electrophysiology

Personalize Your Experiment

Featuring powerful hardware for stimulation and processing, the Explorer Summit system is ideal for translational research. Portability, durability, and flexibility allow you to use the Summit in any environment and make your truly novel research a reality. Weighing only 700 grams, the system can be worn like a medical device and operate independently without cables.

Take complete control of your system at even the lowest levels with our easy to use API. Onboard processing allows for dynamic operation, while concurrent stimulation and recording on every channel supports closed-loop experiments for everything from spinal cord stimulation, deep brain stimulation, seizure disruption, BCI, and applications that have yet to be imagined. A bevy of inputs and outputs allow for interfacing with external sensors and devices, or external systems.

With the full capabilities of a bench top system, the Explorer Summit supports your research from the earliest stages of investigation all the way through clinical implementation.

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  • Synchronized device control – Easily synchronize analog and digital inputs and outputs with neural data.
  • Flexibility – Dedicated front ends for a multitude of recording and stimulation modalities, the Summit processor can be configured to optimally suit a wide variety of experiments.
  • Real-time processing and control – Control and program experimental configurations, custom stimulation paradigms, and unique triggers in real-time with our comprehensive MATLAB and Python APIs.
  • Wearable – Easily worn on a belt or in a backpack, the Summit provides a completely wearable solution with wireless communication, an integrated battery, and on-board data storage.

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