Epilepsy Monitoring

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Designed to work alongside your current clinical for surface EEG recordings the Quest and Quest+ Stim add a new dimension to your data. Engineered to meet IEC 60601 and relevant safety specifications to ensure patient safety, the Quest and Quest+ Stim allow you to obtain research quality data from your patient population.

The Quest systems can connect to a variety of surface electrodes from and Ripple can provide a splitter to allowing the data to be shared between research and clinical applications. Quest processors can also record the full complement of additional physiology, from EMG and EKG to pulse ox and respiration, ensuring that you are able to utilize all of the physiological data in your research


  • Up to 512 surface channels
  • Battery operation allows mobility
  • Portable allowing use within and between hospitals
  • Self-contained or wireless recordings
  • Synchronized digital video
  • Documented file format and export

Active Front Ends

Neuromed’s unique active Front End design results in unparalleled signal fidelity – a key requirement for many single trial BCI applications.


Real-time, closed-loop control

Well documented MATLAB and Python APIs for real-time feedback and control. Custom stimulation paradigms can be programmed and initiated with unique and varied triggers.


Wearable system

At merely 700 grams, the Quest provides a light weight and portable form factor, only enhanced by internal battery and Wifi capabilities. The Quest can be belt worn or placed in a backpack for optimal experimental freedom.

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