Epilepsy Monitoring Research

Clinical and Research recordings side by side

Designed to work alongside your current clinical system for ECoG or sEEG recordings, the Explorer Summit system adds a new dimension to your data.

Capable of recording from microelectrodes and macroelectrodes, the Summit gives researchers the flexibility to utilize access to human neural signals without interrupting clinical monitoring. At just 700g, the Summit fits in a backpack, replacing the standard research cart and enabling easy transport to and from the EMU.

Our clinical system adapters allow users to seamlessly record research quality data without interrupting clinical monitoring.



  • Portability – Unlike rack-mounted systems, the Summit system makes it easy for researchers to travel between EMUs or patient rooms.
  • Electrode Agnostic – Let the clinicians decide what electrodes are best for treatment. The Summit processor is designed to work with a variety of standard clinical electrodes, allowing researchers to participate in every recording opportunity presented.
  • Quick Setup – Participants volunteer their time to help researchers understand the brain. Taking only minutes to set up, the Summit system maximizes recording time and scientific discovery.
  • Small Footprint – When maneuverability and real estate in a patient room is critical, the battery powered, WiFi-capable Summit system allows you to set up quickly in tight spaces without the tripping hazard of cables.
  • Multi-modal – Easily customized for use with micro or macroelectrodes, the Summit system can seamlessly synchronize analog and digital inputs and outputs with neural data.

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