Quest HD+Stim

Custom programable transcranial STIMULATION AND EEG/ERP Recordings

Adding to the full featured Quest HD, the Quest HD+Stim provides extensive tCS capabilities, including tDCS, tACS, tPCS and tRNS.

Fully integrated tCS and EEG/ERP recordings utilizing the same electrode caps and hardware/software platform optimizes the overall set up for closed loop and neurofeedback studies. Powerful on-board processing allows for common tCS modalities (such as tDCS, tACS, tPCS and tRNS) as well as the ability to experiment with novel waveforms, even modulating or creating stimuli based on the subject’s behavioral or electrophysiological responses.

Stimulation can be applied to any of the channels, with a switch time of less than a millisecond between stimulation channels. fully configured 512 channel Quest+Stim system allows up to 32 channels to be stimulated simultaneously while recording on all other channels. The Quest HD+Stim allows you to target specific cortical regions for stimulation while recording EEG response on all other channels.


  • Concurrent tCS and EEG/ERP
  • Up to 15 mA Stimulation
  • 9V to 30V Compliance Voltage
  • Selectable stimulation channels (switch time < 1ms)
  • Closed-loop control of tCS parameters
  • All of the mobility and features of the Quest HD
  • Meets safety standards for laboratory and clinical research


Quest HD Processor

Number of Channels up to 512
Analog I/O up to 28 inputs and 28 outputs
Digital I/O up to 20 input and 20 outputs, plus 2 strobes
Battery Life Internal, up to 2 hours; External, 4 – 6 hours
Data Communication with PC Gigabit Ethernet or Wi-Fi
Dimensions 183 mm x 95 mm x 36 mm
Weight 700 g


Resolution 24-bit
Inferred Noise <1 μVrms
Common Mode Rejection Ratio -115dB
Input Range Min ± 0.1875 V at a gain of 24
Input Range Max ± 2 V at a gain of 1
Input Impedance 300 MΩ, 150 pF


Current Range 100 μA – 15 mA
Compliance Voltage ± 9 V to ± 30 V (configurable)
Pulse Width Min 33μs
Bandwidth DC to 120kHz

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