Designed to complement your existing clinical system, the Nomad provides unparalleled access to your patient data. Nomad provides support for ECoG grids, sEEG and other custom invasive electrodes to obtain the highest quality recordings for esearch purposes.

Fully integrated stimulation and simultaneous EEG/ERP recordings optimize the system for closed loop neurofeedback and neurostimulation. Powerful on-board processing allows for a full range of simulation patterns and levels, and even modulating or creating stimulation based on the subject’s behavioral or electrophysiological responses. The features of the Nomad combine to provide a fully featured brain mapping system.

Stimulation can be applied to any of the channels, with a switch time of less than a millisecond between stimulation channels. The Nomad allows you to target specific cortical regions for stimulation while recording EEG response on all other channels.

The Nomad also ensures you can record the full range of physiological measures using full featured multimodal EEG, ERP, and EMG and a host of analog and digital inputs and outputs. The Nomad allows for true high density recordings up to 512 channels, with 24-bit resolution and sampling rate of 30 ksps for the highest quality data.

Nomad has a small form factor maximizing the patient experience by allowing for either wireless or recording to disk options, freeing the patient to move without being tethered. This small form factor also allows for portability from across or even between hospitals.

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