One of the most exciting advances in the field of brain research is non-invasive neuromodulation. In particular, there is an increasing amount of interest in combining HD EEG with multi-channel transcranial electrical stimulation to understand the underlying brain connectivity and cognitive performance.

The Quest HD+Stim provides a powerful yet elegant and easy to use platform for your stimulation research supported by a full complement of software, including the Compass software, APIs and third-party software.

The Quest HD+Stim amplifiers can deliver selectable transcranial electrical stimulation and provides full spectrum of stimulation, as well as concurrent recording abilities. This simultaneous stimulation and recording is the ideal tool to help understand the impact and effect of TES.

Stimulation (Quest HD+Stim)

Waveforms tDCS, tPCS, tACS, tRCS, user defined
Current Range 100 μA – 15 mA
Compliance Voltage ± 9 V to ± 30 V (configurable)
Pulse Width Min 33μs
Frequency DC to 120kHz

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