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June 10, 2020

Ripple Neuromed and BEL

Advancing Neuroscience and Neurology Research Worldwide

Ripple Neuromed (Salt Lake City, UT), and Brain Electrophysiology Laboratory Company, LLC (BEL, Eugene, OR) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to bring the next generation of neuroscience and neurology tools to the global research community.

Leaders in HD EEG – This strategic partnership will offer seamless integration of BEL’s new Geodesic Head Web HD-EEG sensor technology with Ripple Neuromed’s Quest and Nomad neurophysiology research platforms. The combined EEG (and HD-EEG) solutions will be available in 32-, 64-, 128- and 256-channel configurations globally through Ripple Neuromed’s and BEL’s direct and distributor partners in Q4, 2020.

Enabling Mobile Research – Ripple Neuromed’s mobile & wearable HD acquisition platform with its unique active Front End design coupled with the BEL’s state-of-the-art Geodesic Head Web will offer a powerful platform for advanced HD EEG research. The integrated system will improve data quality, streamline research workflows, and enhance staff and patient experience. The Explorer product line, with integrated stimulation, and the Geodesic Head Web, with whole head coverage and stimulation safe electrodes, together, enable completely new research capabilities in the growing fields of source
localization and closed-loop neuromodulation.

Game-Changing Neurotechnology – Ripple Neuromed is a leader in world-class neurophysiology instrumentation and recently released the Explorer product line for advanced human neurophysiology. The Explorer Quest and Nomad systems are designed specifically for high-resolution non-invasive and invasive human brain research. BEL’s advanced software for EEG source localization, Sourcerer®, introduces a new level of accuracy in electrical neuroimaging that is optimized for the HD EEG and TES supported by Ripple’s Explorer products. BEL’s Geodesic Head Web offers two key innovations: more robust electrodes for long life under demanding usage, and a new modular geodesic tension structure with improved fit to a broader range of head shapes and sizes (patent pending).

“We are excited to be working with BEL to support researchers & clinicians across various disciplines in Psychology, Psychiatry, and Neurology to drive meaningful research and innovation. We are deeply committed to this partnership as this allows us to deliver complete hardware and software solutions to our customers while leveraging core strengths of both the companies!”, says Ripple Neuromed’s CEO Andrew Wilder.

Don Tucker, BEL’s CEO, said, “The technical advances at Ripple Neuromed have enabled very effective integration of electrical amplification and stimulation for noninvasive as well as invasive recording. At BEL we are pleased to join this alliance to bring our skills to extend this technology for research and clinical applications.”

Check out the video announcing our partnership!

You can find more information about Ripple Neuromed’s research solutions here –

More information about BEL’s initiatives can be found here – www.BEL.Company

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Viral Sheth
Ripple Neuromed


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